Until recently it was unthinkable to do office work in standing position. Associations for work in the offices are generally long sitting hours, back and neck problems decreased muscle activity which slowly wears down your body. After numerous research studies have shown the bad effects of sitting, experts in ergonomics suggest that you split your time 50-50 between standing and sitting by using height-adjustable tables popularly called Sit&Stand desks.

Sit&Stand desks improve wellbeing. They are height-adjustable, flexible, and offer individual adjustment which can help you to practice dynamic working. They allow personalized settings in standing and sitting position and they are always at the correct height, whatever you are doing. Desks are available with the controller with the display.




Electric desks allow active working and reduce the strain of office work. Changing your position during the day from sitting to leaning, or standing increases efficiency keeps you alert, and reduces problems in the neck, back, and shoulder area. Easy height adjustment allows active working.

You can take a little bit of both sitting and standing and be in balance throughout the day.  During the workday, you can combine these positions and break up sitting-based office work.


Here is a link where you can find different models of Sit&Stand desks: https://anaks-namestaj.com/kategorije-proizvoda/kancelarijski-namestaj/sit-stand/