Today, when we spend a lot of time in our workplaces, we are constantly trying to find a healthier work environment. It matters to us are the comfort of our office chairs good, the functionality of the furniture, the colors that affect mood and efficiency, or other things from our workspace.

One of the more common dilemmas is whether it is healthier for our body to stand or sit while working out? Well, let's start with the pros and cons of sitting.

While we are sitting our body is feeling relaxed and comfortable, especially if we are sitting in a comfortable office chair. While our brain is working, our body is relaxing. Except for comfort, we could not find anything else as an advantage. The list of disadvantages of sitting is far larger. Because of the inactivity of our body, there are increased dangers of diabetes, heart attack, obesity and, as a result, premature death. These disadvantages are enough reasons to try to find answers about how to avoid these conditions and how we can help ourselves.



Let's consider how our body behaves while standing. The most important advantage is that the body is more active while it is in standing position. Because of that, the risk of diseases caused by prolonged sitting is reduced. Quite enough reason to give this place a head start. Many studies concluded that staying active contributes to efficient work, better productivity, energy connectivity, and mood. Even more, calories are consumed.

And now that all of our problems seem to be resolved, we can ask one logical question: Is it physically comfortable to stand all day long? Certainly not.

As a conclusion, we can take a little beat of both and be in balance throughout the day. The ideal recipe for us is to listen to our bodies what they say to us and take those positions that best suit us. 

The big advantage for us is the fact that furniture manufacturers really think more about our needs, and since couple of years adjustable desks have been available. These desks allows us to adjust their height to our need. They are known as "Sit & Stand Desks", and you can find them (buy them, order them) at Anaks Furniture Stores (

Use of Sit & Stand desks makes easy the mechanism by which you can decrease or increase the height of the desk. In this way, during the workday, you can combine sitting and standing positions and always be in the position that best suits you.