Implementation started in March this year and the first phase of the construction is making big steps forward. It is particularly notable that this construction site works around the clock, in both shifts and even under lighting equipment after dark, a very rare situation these days.

During our visit the first impression was a very neat building site and in this regard it is exemplary. Most of the progress can be seen on building B, or angular building on the north- eastern part of the lot. In parallel, the works are ongoing on the two buildings in the centre of the block as well (labeled as C and D). Underneath the aboveground floors lays underground parking, while the ground floor is planned for commercial contents. The residential building marked as object B has 6 floors and penthouse, while the "cubes" in the middle are one floor lower.

The three buildings that represent the first phase construction will have 296 apartments, 27 shops and 246 underground parking lots. The customers will have a choice of apartments in all different structures, with useful area varying between 25 and 134 square meters. The investor is Deka Inzenjering, while the main contractor is "Exing B&P" which recently completed the reconstruction of the "Crowne Plaza" hotel in Belgrade. The contractor is providing a solid guarantee that all works in the first phase will be completed by April 2015.

In this context, recently has started a promo-sale of the apartments in ABlok, and the construction site will soon have its showroom opened where everyone will be able to get details of the project and see a demonstration apartment interior design samples. Now we can confirm that the interior elements will be developed in cooperation with renowned manufacturer Vileroy & Boch, as another comparative advantage.