Here's how to get this:

Spare 10 minutes every day for organizing things and office supplies

Messy office or workspace will probably create a problem rather than a new idea. According to a US-based survey conducted by the Brother International Corporation, office workers spend nearly 38 hours a year searching for lost objects, documents, notes... The cost of this bad-organization is estimated at around $ 89 billion a year.

Take a few minutes each day to get your work done. You can do this by storing surplus items and maintaining an organization's system that suits your style, so that you do not hinder additional stuff.

Store archival documentation and get it in space

Most of the companies under the current law must keep archival documents for up to 10 years. It is precisely this documentation which very much takes up a large part of the office space and creates unnecessary mess. Naturally, if you spend a lot of time in the office, it is very important for productivity to feel comfortable in the same space. In addition, by storing a registry, you get a few extra m2 in the office, no joke!

Decorate your workspace with plants
Although home-grown plants are not a traditional method of creating a productive workplace, this does not mean that their influence is non-existent. The research team in the United Kingdom has found that plant planting encourages productivity by up to 15%, while increasing employee satisfaction and employee efficiency.

Organize space so as to encourage more movement
The "stand-to-sit" table affects the change of body position and movement during the day, but other ways of moving in the workplace can be designed. For example, moving a printer or phone to the other side of the office or installing a water machine creates reasons for getting up and moving.

Personalize your work space
Personalizing your space can increase your emotional connection with the job, but maintaining an organized place means limiting the amount of items that you have accumulated. In order not to burden as many unnecessary things as possible, use only personal items of special importance.

In such an organized space, you will not sleep, and during working hours you will not be distracted by the mess that you have piled up in the past.


(source: YouSpace)