The contracts were processed by the Republic Geodetic Authority through the Real Estate Price Register.

According to the RGA Report on Real Estate Transactions, in the first half of 2020, apartments were mostly traded, most of which were 67% paid in cash, and 33% from loans. In addition to apartments, construction land, agricultural land, houses, cottages were also bought… Most contracts were concluded during June.

740,000 euros paid for a house in Novi Sad

The square meter of the apartment, as in previous years, was the most expensive in the capital, where at the exclusive location of Belgrade on the water, a square meter reached as much as 9,124 euros. At that place, the apartment was sold for the most money - 1,380,888 million euros.

Looking at the data on apartment sales in Vojvodina, it can be seen that the average price of apartments in Novi Sad was the same in the old and new buildings - 1,194 euros compared to 1,198. The most expensive apartment in the seat of the provincial administration was sold for 450,000 euros in an old building in Dunavska Street, measuring 168 square meters.

Business space 5.8 million

The most expensive business space in that province was sold in Novi Sad, in the very center of the city, in Modena Street, for 5.8 million euros. From the data on that property, it is stated that it consists of five business premises, with a total area of ​​526 square meters.

In Novi Sad, the buyer paid 24,000 for the garage in Pupin's palace, and that is the highest price in relation to other traffic in the province.

In Pancevo, in an old building, a square meter cost an average of 631 euros, and in a new one, 250 euros more - 881. In Sombor, an apartment in an old building cost an average of 476 euros per square meter, and in a new building 706. In Vrsac, a square meter of an old apartment was worth 534 euros. , and the new 745.

Compared to cities, squares are even cheaper in municipalities. In Ada, a square meter of an old apartment cost an average of 257 euros, Bela Crkva 280, in Vrbas 317, Apatin 368, Beocin 386, Indjija 706…

In addition to apartments, houses were also bought. According to the RGZ report, close to 6,850 contracts have been concluded, and the region of Vojvodina is in the first place in terms of the number of these properties sold.

A weekend house in Indjija was sold for 200,000 euros

The most traded was in the area of ​​the City of Subotica, where 409 contracts were concluded, then in Novi Sad - 300, then in Zrenjanin - 298, Pancevo - 170, Kikinda - 161… RGZ did not specify exactly where the mentioned real estates were, but it is assumed that among there are also those in the villages of the mentioned urban areas and towns.

The most expensive house was in Novi Sad, for which the seller received 740,000 euros, but it is not stated where the real estate is located, or the area of ​​the building and the garden. A house in Pancevo was sold for much less money - 160,000 euros, and that property is the most expensive in the city of Pancevo, followed by Subotica, where the buyer paid 155,000 euros for the house.

Then there are significantly cheaper sales, for example, the most expensive house in Kikinda was worth 72,000 euros. Such real estate in Zrenjanin was paid two thousand euros less - 70,000. But there were also houses, for example, in Novi Becej, which was paid almost half less - 37,000 euros, while across the Tisza, in Stari Becej, the most expensive house was sold for 35,000 euros.

Source: B92