According to Finance, the three companies offered the largest offer for the plot. How much, it is not known (the starting price was 2.7 million euros), nor are they what they will try to build on it. The location near the castles of Klagenfurt and close to the main roads in this part of Šiška is good, but the question is whether its new owners will be able to realize more on itas precursors. It should not be forgotten that the famous real estate owner Igor Lah sold it to GPG Engineering Boris Dolamič afew years ago , who wanted to build three dwellings with 180 apartments, business in the ground floor and a garage house with 480 parking spaces, but the plan, despite the final He did not even start the construction permit, since the company ended in bankruptcy or bad bank in 2011. In 2011,

V drosesCorwin from Bratislava, which deals with the development of real estate projects (it was also among the stakeholders to buy Tobacco City), say, that the land was bought for the purpose of developing a housing project, no for resale. In what form and with how many dwellings they are not disclosed, as the plans are still under preparation. Also, at this stage, they are not yet talking about when they will begin to build, when the apartments will be sold, and what prices will be. Roman Karabelli, memberthe management responsible for the development of new projects and enlargements, told Finance that they will prepare a project that will befriendly to the city, neighbors, cyclists, pedestrians and future buyers.

Source : delo