Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, visited three places in the city of Zaječar, namely the elementary school "Hajduk Veljko", the Church of the Ascension of the Lord and Kraljevica, where the laying of the foundation stone for the City Stadium is.

That Zajecar region will be the new "real estate paradise", Vučić believes. As he said, a lot of money will be invested in the City Stadium, not because, as he says, football is more important than schools and hospitals, but because it starts some other things.

- Just as the Arena has become a development center for that part of New Belgrade, which has suddenly become the most sought after and most expensive, so Kraljevica will suddenly become the most important part of Zajecar - he states and adds.

"People who live here should know that if the square is 500 euros, it will jump to 700, and if it is 700, it will jump to 920 euros."

I guarantee you that because private individuals will compete here to make good hotels and good service centers, because when you make the most beautiful stadium ... The company that works, does it great and is never late - says Vučić, and adds that Zaječar will get "beauty from stadium, the only covered stadium in Serbia ".

73 million euros are planned for investment in Zajecar, the President of Serbia adds. The state is ready, he says, to invest a lot of money in the large Prahovo chemical zone, so that a large number of people from Negotino and Kladovo get a job.

- I ask people to stay here - Vucic concludes.