By investing in real estate, you create a kind of financial security network and a potential source of additional income, so if you are already thinking about becoming a proud owner of additional real estate, you are probably gradually taking the first steps in real estate market research.

Whether it's life savings or you've been hit by an unexpected financial injection or you're considering a loan as a source of investment, you'll want to research the various options before deciding what is best for you.

In order to give you a closer look at the very turbulent market, below we will present several types of real estate that you can take into consideration, along with a presentation of what you can expect from owning them.


Business premises and shops
Investing in business premises, catering facilities, retail and office space, warehouses or facilities suitable for industrial production, is one of the most recommended and potentially most profitable types of investment in real estate.

When the amount of the initial investment and the income it can earn from renting are taken into account, this type of ownership is far better ranked compared to others. Buying real estate for further rent in the form of business space has special benefits, and here are the benefits:

First of all, it is more probable that the real estate will be rented out much faster, usually for a longer period of time, and that there will not be much "idling". If you choose the location well in terms of location and the possibility of easy conversion of the building for different needs, you can count on the fact that there is a constant and high demand for quality business space.

The list of potential customers ranges from domestic and foreign banks, through a growing number of foreign companies opening offices in Serbia, tenants who care about the easy option of changing location and paying rent is not too much, large domestic companies expanding their chains and smaller who are still fighting for their place in the market, and therefore prefer renting, to small entrepreneurs, where most of their business starts in rented facilities.

As the issuance of this type of real estate mostly refers to legal entities, instead of individuals, which is the case with other types, the whole process is mostly simplified and accelerated, according to the already developed system, legally secured and defined by contract. , provides an opportunity to achieve a stable and regular income in the long run with minimal engagement by the owner.

Flats and apartments for rent
Serbia's favorite source of passive income, renting apartments, has always been a very profitable business. In case the apartment intended for rent is bought on credit, it is necessary that the amount you can ask for as rent is higher than the one you will have to set aside for the loan installment, because otherwise the whole financial construction becomes meaningless. We should not lose sight of additional costs in the form of interest, mandatory services charged by banks and fees for loan processing.

Housing loan offers from domestic banks are very favorable, with clients being able to choose from a variety of arrangements with variable or fixed interest rates. Whether you decide on a simpler and less demanding long-term rent with monthly payments, or you are more attracted to the option of short-term rent, or renting an apartment on a day that provides better use of the property and can bring higher earnings, but implies far greater commitment. it is necessary to have a clearly profiled target group and to choose an adequately located apartment with appropriate characteristics in accordance with it.

Just as renting to serious employees can bring a steady flow of money for a long period of time, so renting an apartment on a flat-day basis offers the possibility of two to three times higher earnings, but over time, if you approach it seriously and conscientiously, you full time, as if it were a regular job. In both cases, if you are willing to set aside a certain percentage of your earnings, you can delegate responsibilities to individuals you hire yourself or to one of the services from the network that offers employers the necessary types of services, or you can simply leave the entire issuance process specialized agency.

Apartments for renovation and resale
Buying for resale is not an easy task but it is best for those who want to make money fast. In this case, the real estate is usually in a bad condition when buying, which is why the price is significantly lower. It is up to the buyer to adapt and sell them to make a profit.

Plots in the mountains and around Belgrade
Although until recently the greatest demand was for real estate located within the inner city, which was considered the most desirable place to live, the focus has recently shifted and growing popularity and interest in locations near Belgrade and nearby mountains.


There are several reasons for that, from the desire to escape from the city crowds and the need to get rid of stronger and more dangerous pollution, the urge to preventive distancing for health reasons, and there are certainly changes in the field of organization and place of work. , which in themselves reduce the need for constant residence in the city.

See also the plots in Belgrade and its surroundings:
In addition to the above, the development of the road network and infrastructure works on the outskirts have put us in a situation where Belgrade is within ten to fifteen minutes of driving while enjoying the relaxation and comfort that only the privacy of the far outskirts can offer. In this case, when it is certain that in the near future an increasing number of potential buyers will measure good salaries with the intention of enrolling among regular weekenders, timely response and smart investment can provide significant profits in a very short time. 
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