As we found out, because of the work on time, dogođalo that when an investor is waiting for approval of the contract, someone else gets this piece of land. The most common answer to why this is happening was: "The documentation is not complete, for the interpretation of the contract takes longer."

This practice is especially determined at the time of the last government, when the slow responses from the right to the building of a certain piece of land mainly given another, and not the lessee of certain parcel of trying to buy it.

And so on. The right to build in Belgrade receives mainly those who are current eligible and need. About how to build a facility employed people, as a future facility brought jobs - no one cares.

It is this kind CONDUCT city government has revolted one of our readers. As the main problem encountered by states on the fact that oragne within the state and the city are not aligned. In all the confusion of the collection of paper, often happened that the Ministry of Finance complained about the work of the Tax Administration.

- As if I were in charge the tax, and they do not! - Says the indignant reader.

It often happened that people collected the debt, only in this part of the process concerning the construction, donate the land on which they want to build! Pay, do not sell!

Another problem that is encountered is the valuation of the land itself.

- Management complains about the valuation of the land when it suits them, and the agency chooses to estimate precisely the authority of the Ministry, not the investor or owner. After all this coming city and state Attorneys of the law which is approved to make a complaint without a proper foundation, I can not complain default setting. A Secretariat is giving itself the ability to penetrate the legal deadline to respond - not in a few months rather than a few years! And so on until people snap and decide to sell the land for nothing these same people who are behind all of these regulations, the Attorney General and other factions - says our reader.

The law is clear - if you collect all deokumentaciju, the decision on the building permit is issued for eight days. But theory and practice do not have much in common.

John Kuc of the company "Surveyor Project", which deals with all types of surveying jobs, says that, in practice, from the moment you decide to build something, and before the commencement of construction, a minimum of half a year passed, and if you're lucky.

- In real time, from the moment you decide to build to the point where you can start with the construction, pass a minimum of six to nine months, if all property of either issue settled. This procedure can not be done in eight days. On the other hand, although the work on time by the state almost every day, no one dares to sue the state. Everyone thinks the way: "Who's going to interfere with the legal proceedings, but I'm going to lose three years and lots of money." Our customers are extremely dissatisfied with such a situation - say knock.

One famous Belgrade architect explains that it is not such a problem in the law, but those parts that are not clearly defined. What is it that the city Department of Urban Planning and Construction should look and what they do not need to be concerned?

In practice, it looks like this: the entrepreneur who wants to build collect the necessary documents (which are also collected for weeks, even months, and the biggest problem make estimates about the location later and location permit) and to submit to the Secretariat.

Then they, rather than immediately identify what is missing (which, according to our source, is best defined by law, and it is possible that you constantly something wrong) waiting for the end of the statutory period of fifteen days.

After this time, you call and say: "Not a good thing and that." You then re-started the search for the paper. Turn them over and over again waiting for the legal deadline that you be informed about what and how. This Most common last for months, even years!

In the meantime, you had to hire an architect but with estimates of the location permit, and you had to have done preliminary design. Do you have a lot of money, and is still very uncertain whether you will ever be able to build.

- There eleastičnost in the regulations, it will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The law is interpreted to anyone at any time convenient. It ends so you finally say, "This is not exactly by the book, but we can not accept it if you give a donation." All regulations in Serbia could be fixed by more than a week ago, but it does not suit to do - says our source.

Currently, the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction in the course of work on the issue of 115 location permits.

Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction has submitted 247 requests for the issuance of building permits in the 2013th year, and is currently acting on the requests for 92 building permits.

- Problem solving for which the requirements for the issuance of building permits last longer is that investors never submit complete requirements as defined by the Law on planning and construction, mostly due to the complicated and lengthy procedures and steps that are essential in obtaining the documentation necessary to complete the requirements for building permit, such as conversion rights to use the property right of the construction land, which is the basis for the issuance of building permits in order, and building permits, then the consent of the other body, organization, administration and public enterprises. When you submit a complete application for a building permit, the same shall be issued within the statutory time-says the Telegraph City Secretary ua Urban Planning and Construction Ljiljana Novakovic.

Changing the rules with each new government, corruption, ignorance, and also at the discretion of interpretation, they are still our reality. Perhaps the new law change something. Until then, if you decided to build something, we have only one message - good luck to you!