In addition to the prices of square meters of apartments in Belgrade, the prices of garage spaces are also indirectly rising, which in certain places in the city reach the value of over 20,000 euros, Ervin Pasanovic, general director of the company "Adventis real estate management", told

There are almost no garages for sale, and they reach the value of one studio apartment, said our interlocutor and added that this trend is followed by other European countries, and that the market has changed a lot.

"There are two factors. I call the first factor ‘Athenization’, because half of the Greek population lives in Athens. So, five million people live there, and 10 in the whole of Greece. The situation is similar in Belgrade, because people do not want to live in semi-passive areas. He wants a job, a quality life, and that trend has covered the whole world, not only Belgrade. The second factor is the client who has become more demanding - who is the neighbor, who is shopping around you, what is the park like and so on. "Things have simply changed, and indirectly the changes in the prices of apartments are followed by the prices of garage spaces," explains Pašanović.

He said that now the regulations are such that it is necessary to provide a certain amount of garages on a certain area in the building that is being built.

"It roughly means that there is a garage space in the apartment. In the parts of the city where new construction is being built, there is generally no free garage space, and in the old part of the city there is none at all. Now there is a shortage of places in New Belgrade as well. People are improving their standard of living, and families have two or three cars. It is a complete nightmare to find a parking space. For example, I live in New Belgrade and there is no garage there. If there was, I would definitely buy a place ", explains Pašanović.

A square in New Belgrade, as he says, is 2,000 euros, and the price of the garage has jumped by 100 percent:

"Garages, which ranged around 10,000 euros, very quickly reached the price of 20,000, and in some parts even over that figure. In new construction, prices often go above 20,000. It used to be unthinkable, but the market, that is, supply and demand, dictate such prices ", he continued.

He believes that the situation is somewhat different in the center, since there are no parking spaces within the buildings.

"In fact, there are no new buildings in the center, nor new parking spaces. Garages that are old, such as those at the National Theater, are rented out for over 20,000 euros because they have no alternative. The price for the new part of Dorcol is around 15,000 euros. Of course, Vracar is the most expensive, the prices go over 20,000, which is natural because there is no place. "

Pašanović says that real estate works according to market conditions and that is why we have such an increase in the prices of garage spaces, and emphasizes that, in the coming period, we cannot expect the prices of parking spaces to decrease in the coming period.

"I don't see that real estate prices will go down, especially if the stories about the construction of the subway come true. I see that prices will only rise, unless there is a political crisis. Real estate prices in Europe have risen during the covidence, which is a very interesting thing. But again, people believe they are safe with real estate. Even the plot of the social game monopoly revolves around real estate. Everyone uses that and it is natural that prices will rise ", concluded Pašanović.