At the time of the pandemic, 551 cottages were bought, mostly in Vojvodina. In the first half of the year, there was an increase in the turnover of construction land. The most expensive square in a new building sold in "Belgrade on Water". Most real estate paid in cash. In real estate ownership, women make up 36 percent.

Ana Đurković, the head of the Republic Geodetic Authority, said that April was a turning point for the sale of real estate, and then the sudden growth started.

- When we look at the real estate market, we need to say that 2019 was a record year when it comes to the real estate market. At the very beginning of this year, that trend continues - said Đurković.

According to her, if we compare January 2020 with January 2019, we can say that the market price jumped by 20 percent.

The very appearance of the pandemic in April leads to a drop in real estate sales of 70 to 80 percent.

Source: Srbija Danas

After the end of the state of emergency, in May, the market recovers sharply and returns to the period before the state of emergency, to be fully recovered in June and compared to June last year, it is higher by 20 percent in terms of real estate turnover.

- This year there was an increase in the turnover of construction land. During the state of emergency, apartments were sold the most. After the end of the state of emergency, the growth of construction land jumped sharply, and agricultural land to a somewhat lesser extent. There is a noticeable trend of growth in the sale of cottages - explains the head of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

The most expensive square meter in the new building was sold in "Belgrade on Water" for 9,124 euros. It is followed by Vracar with 3,820 euros per square meter, Residence - 3,806 euros. The most expensive apartment was sold in "Belgrade on Water" for 1,380,888 euros, and in Novi Sad for an apartment in Pupin's Palace for 1,128,000 euros.

- "Belgrade on the water" is the most attractive location in Serbia and the apartments that are sold there are the most expensive when it comes to the new construction market. The first 40 most expensive sales are in that part of the city, and Vracar, as a city municipality, is traditionally relevant when it comes to housing construction. Kneza Miloša Street is always attractive and the price is around 3,800 euros per square meter - says Đurković.

As for weekend houses, they were sold at a price of 26,000 to 253,000 euros in Cajetina, 3,000 to 200,000 euros in Indjija, and 9,500 to 32,000 euros in Barajevo.

According to the mayor, more expensive weekend houses were sold first. When we talk about houses, the highest-paid is on Savski Venac - 3,200,000 euros.