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Parliament Office - Portland, Oregon

Inspiring Offices - every week we share with you thread of the most interesting offices all around the world!

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New Visitors Center at Obedska bara Will Include Offices, Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls - True Business Oasis!

According to investors' demands, the facility of the Visitor Center is designed as a multifunctional space in which the main purpose is the exhibition part, which includes a projection room, a cafe-restaurant, accommodation and office spaces with meeting and conference rooms and a panoramic terrace.

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Office for a Day - Favorite Office trend among entrepreneurs and young professionals.

There is a continuously high demand for renting workspace for short periods of time, especially office rentals. In addition to the work area, which includes a work desk and a chair, kitchen with all its supplies, room for relaxation, meeting room and skype boots can also be available to tenants.

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Map of the Construction Site of Serbia for 2019. New office projects?

Where was the first ash? Which building ends? If you are interested in who, what and where is being built in Serbia, Site maps are the right place! Thanks to the great success of the Serbian Construction Site Map, launched by gradnja.rs last year, they have decided to reset, search all existing data, analyze the current situation from the field and launch a new edition of maps, so we are presenting you the Map of Serbia's construction site for the construction season 2019.

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Sber Bank's Modern Moscow Headquarters

Inspiring Offices - every week we share with you thread of the most interesting offices all around the world!

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Aćim Leon Pantelić - Vlasnik Novog ''WeShare'' Coworking prostora u Beogradu

Šta je to Coworking? Zašto je ovaj novi trend kancelarijskih prostora sve popularniji u Srbiji kao i šta to zakupci traže u ovakvom poslovnom prostoru i koji su njihovi zahtevi? Ovaj put razgovarali smo sa Aćimom, vlasnikom inovativnog poslovnog prostora u centru Beograda koji će se svečano otvoriti 1. Novembra.

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Interview of Filippo Rean, director of the real estate division of Reed MIDEM - MIPIM and MAPIC markets.

With his expertise, he speaks to us about his vision of PropTech and enlightens us on the trends to follow.

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

How can i upload my news and transactions?

By entering the useradmin platform you need to click on the Building PR menu where you can upload your news and transactions.

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What is included in Building PR?

The Building PR ensures to our registered Partners the publication of the short news and transactions connected to their companies and office buildings.

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What does Serviced / Instant Office mean?

Serviced Office is a service which offers location and equipment, rent ready and fully equipped offices and meeting rooms, which is to rent immediately, by an hour. Most of the offices are offered in attractive locations, which aim to raise the prestige of the service. In Instant office everything is set up for the start of doing business. Access is ensured to meeting or conference rooms and other facilities, including video conferencing and teleconferencing furthermore reception, mail handling, courier banking official, rental telephone and fax numbers and e-mail.

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