The document is enabled to the public until July 23.

The objectives of plan development are defining public interest and space development rules, transformation of existing complexes and facilities, increase in equipping level of infrastructure and traffic and environmental conditions improvement.

Block which comprises mentioned plan is located in the zone of the Autokomanda crossroads which is a zone of big potential and has location value for development of commercial activities and transformation of the existing structures in function of the center.

West and east from the considered territory, there are residential blocks of Dedinje and individual residence along Bulevar oslobodjenja. South from the location, there is the Banjicke sume complex.

Commercial facilities, it was planned, will be built in K zone where keeping of the existing facilities and construction of new commercial and business facilities as well as facilities of other compatible purposes is planned, which is defined with the special rules of the sub-zone construction (K1,K2,K3).

The main purpose in the K1, K2 and K3 sub-zones are commercial activities: shopping malls administration and office facilities, multi-purpose business complex, business residence, commercial types of sports, recreational, entertainment, exhibition facilities, etc.

In the K1, K2 and K3 sub-zones, all compatible purposes which do not endanger the basic purpose or environment are allowed. For compatible purposes, the same planning parameters as in the case of commercial facilities in the mentioned sub-zones are to be applied.

The plan will be exhibited at the City Administration building of the City of Belgrade, 27.mart St., no. 43-45 (hall 2, in the basement) starting from today until July 23 and can be seen every working day from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Public meeting of the Commission for plans of the Assembly of Belgrade will be held at the same place September 16, at 1 a.m. During the public meeting, all present physical and legal entities which submitted objections with respect to the Draft in written form, can explain them in front of the commission members.

Objections to planned solutions, in written form, can be delivered to the Secretariat for Urbanism and construction affairs, in 27. Mart St. July 23 latest. During the public inspection, the Draft of the plan is published at the site of the City of Belgrade.