Artklasa emerged in the renovation of the administrative-technical building of the former Žitomlin flour factory in Dorćol, and is part of a broader urban regeneration of the former Danube Quarter. Located on the banks of the largest European river, Artklasa is a place where new ideas are born, conceived to bring together IT startups, gaming leaders, production companies, design studios, marketing agencies, as well as various business sectors such as law firms, auditing firms, pharmaceutical and consulting companies, to name just a few of the initial tenants who have already joined this new business community.

The building itself offers 11,811 square meters of modern office space for rent and provides diverse spatial configurations with a variety of square footage options tailored to the needs of tenants and business growth. Spaces ranging from 250 square meters to larger multifunctional business areas of over 1,000 square meters are immediately available, with the option of a separate floor and attractive ceiling heights ranging from 3.29 meters to as high as 5.95 meters, and our architects are there to finally adapt this authentic space to the needs of each tenant. All options have their own entrance, toilets, and kitchen. Access directions are planned from 3 streets, and tenants have access to an almost inexhaustible number of parking spaces in front of the building, as well as dedicated bicycle parking and a large rooftop terrace with the most beautiful city panorama.

Additionally, as business requirements are paramount to us, free transportation by mini-buses is organized for all tenant companies and their employees every 20 minutes from Republic Square, on weekdays from 8 am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 6 pm, with the option of fully adapting the schedule to the needs of individual tenant companies.

Artklasa certainly represents a new chapter in the development of this part of the city. With a vision of revitalizing and preserving the environment, Artklasa is proud of its ecological awareness and encourages tenants to be part of a sustainable community. Numerous recreational sports projects are planned in the immediate vicinity of Artklasa, from courts for the increasingly popular padel, to climbing walls or yoga classes often held in nearby Silos.

Although a restaurant will soon open in Artklasa itself, the popular Gastrošor is located just 200 meters away, the first gastro-park in the Balkans, with 15 restaurants and gastro-bars already in operation and several more to come by the end of the year. Closed to traffic, this gastro-park has a spacious promenade adorned with large green islands with benches for resting, and during the summer season, it becomes a venue for wine festivals, delicatessen fairs, sustainable fashion, etc. Especially attractive are the spacious gardens facing the Linear Park, which receive hundreds of visitors daily outdoors. Visitors to Gastrošor have access to around 250 parking spaces, while green zones occupy almost a third of the new Belgrade gastro-park.

The proximity of the Sports Center "Milan Gale Muškatirović", as well as numerous recreational facilities such as cycling and jogging trails, makes Artklasa an excellent choice for achieving a balance between work and leisure, which, along with the increasingly prevalent hybrid work model, is imperative for the modern business model for the majority of companies.

Exclusive leasing representation has been entrusted to the leading real estate consulting firm in Serbia - CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group.